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SECRET SECRET.TC5 was born in Cuba and raised in Miami. SECRET, since day one, has always been heavy into all elements of hip hop and is known by many for being a true B-Boy.

At a young age, SECRET had a deep appreciation for true graff and art in general. Growning up along side his cousin DASH, took his talents to concrete, clothing and what many say is simply amazing, burning up the pages in blackbooks with characters that is a site in its own. As time passed, SECRET got put down by a five star General, PSYCHO.

SECRET 007 a.k.a CHILLSKI came back into the graff scene in early 2000 when linking up with fellow TC5 member, AIRBORN, ZAME,SPADE and DASH to showcase walls that remind all why TC5 remains on top of the game.

As a friendly reminder, The Almighty still don't like nobody.