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YOURZ As a Brooklyn born native, Yourz (YZ) first noticed graffiti as it passed by the projects on the train. Intrigued with the letters and style, he wondered how this art was done. Following this, he started to recognize different writers, which lead him to start street bombing in his area. It wasn't until YZ reached high school in the early eighties that he was truly introduced to bombing trains.

In 1984, he met Web thru a mutual friend. After their introduction, they did various cars on the BMTs and IRTs. It was during that time, he met Doc. Shortly thereafter, Doc put him down in The Cool 5. In addition to Doc, he also met other talented writers such as Dondi, Abby, Juice, Doze, Staf, Beam and many others. Some of which, he has had the pleasure of painting with.

Family responsibilities put a halt on his painting career; however he did continue to do black books. It wasn't until 2008, thru the encouragement of Web, that YZ came back into graffiti. Since reconnecting with the 5, YZ has seen that the crew bonds are strengthened with traveling, which makes TC5 more than a crew - it is a family - an institution of art; We will let the aerosol flow world wide and paint until we drop!